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Carol Marshall
About Carol Marshall

About the Writer...

Carol MarshallCompelling Communications for Your Smart Strategies.

Carol Marshall has a passion for the written word. Enjoying the fact that verbs denote action, her ideas propel!

First published in local media at the age of 10, Carol has been published many times since for her taglines, ad copy, comedy, and ghostwriting. Her articles and editorials have appeared in the local weeklies for her involvement with the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce (Ambassador of the Quarter 2010-2011, Rookie of the Year 2010, and the prestigious 2011 Ambassador of the Year award) hometown youth sports, and local city council elections (2005-2006). 

Carol prides herself in her ability to intertwine personal and business writing in a way that best describes and promotes her client. She writes in a voice most appealing to the audience that her customers look to embrace.     

Crafting newsletter content allows Carol to drive a less formal influence online or in print. Website content provides relevant information and Carol furnishes the write words needed to capture and keep potential clients engaged. Social media writing (LinkedIn profiles) is dear to Carol’s heart since she enjoys networking and works to promote others. Taglines and company naming are two aspects of Carol’s more creative side.  

Growing up and residing in the Bay Area, Carol is married with two sons. She relishes  time with her family as a bleacher warmer at the softball field. She loves to read and of course, write. She enjoys vacationing in the Caribbean, has a strong affinity to visit Paris and Rome one day, and also to finish her formal education.

She could, of course, go on and on; however, she’d rather go on and write something great for you.

Thank you for visiting The Write Business.

 “The great lesson in parallel parking —is not necessarily living life bumper to bumper, but rather creating a passion that fits just right!”   ~Carol Marshall



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