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What your Blood Pressure and Nervous System Have in Common

Meet Carol; age 58, a relatively healthy woman, wife, and mother of two sons. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and was started on blood pressure medicine while in her forties. Both of her parents suffered from hypertension, of which; to be blunt; was the cause of her mother’s death. Of course, Carol does not want this to happen to her.

Our sympathetic nervous system is that component of our involuntary nervous system or autonomic nervous system that sends signals to increase our blood pressure. When we are in a panic situation, or when we’re scared or nervous, for example: our heart, brain, and blood vessels are all affected. This can be explained in a variety of ways; however, our daily activity, and nutrition, or lack there of, could be considered to be the culprits. Although genetics do play a role in how our health affects us, only approximately 35% of the blame can be given to genetics. That said, our diet and lifestyle can be attributed to our own footprint. Approximately, one in three people are diagnosed with hypertension.

With the possible reduction of sodium, and an increase in potassium, we can see a drastic end-result by improving our BP. Daily exercise is a must to lower weight, which also reduces stress, and hypertension. Over 100 million people die with stress related symptoms per year.
Desiring to reduce our chances of becoming a statistic should be an understatement and top-of-mind for every adult. By taking life by the horns and constricting our blood vessels in the process, we lead a life of irresponsibility.

Our irresponsibility, while sounding harsh, could lead to heart attack, stroke, and an array of related problems that could be deemed dangerous. Making wiser food choices, such as: fruit, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, low-fat dairy, and chicken, instead of beef, and hitting the treadmill several times per week, could ease your blood pressure woes.

Dr. Andrea Jordheim Chiropractic Care in Livermore, CA, is an expert at ridding the body of hypertensive activity so that her patients can go on with their lives; securely monitoring them for a vital and stress-free life. Dr. Jordheim will advise you through your chiropractic care and consult with you on the best path to take toward total wellness.

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